skrHieroglifs International is one of the few fans of the non-traditional tourism and the first such among the language solutions experts in Latvia. In cooperation with SIA USEPP, trips are organized to such extraordinary destinations as Skrunda Military Town, Zeltiņi Nuclear Missile Base, Irbene radio telescopes and their environs, Liepāja Military Port etc. By the help of guided tours visitors have the chance to dive into the history of this forgotten world beyond creaking doors and broken windows and eventually join in an exciting game to test their ability to orient themselves in this history-saturated environment.

Exploring remnants of the history on your own is a leisure activity all over the world offering a dose of romanticism to the former grandeur of the times gone by. At the same time this provides anyone with a chance to be with the history while breathing fresh air outdoors. Especially exciting this is for photo enthusiasts and professionals due to the rare and fascinating shots you would not get anywhere else.

Rooms one by one being slowly swallowed by the nature, curtains touched by the passage of time and mysteriously caressed by the hand of the wind and above all memories tucked up in a blanket of dust. And everything dipped in the “spooky allurement of the ghostly past” as described by the famous American writer of the action genre, David Morel.

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