Written translation

Hieroglifs International provides a wide range of translation services


We translate legal, medical documents, manuals, etc. Thanks to our expertise in the field of desktop publishing, we also offer translation of newsletters, magazines, brochures, web sites and similar materials.

If requested, we can also provide a notarized translation, thereby guaranteeing the quality of the translation. This is often used for diplomas, certificates, medical records and other important documents.

Customers can submit documents in various formats by e-mail, mail, FTP or others. When the translation is complete, we will send it to the client in the format of his/her choice.

Translations in 150 languages

Our office in Latvia, branches abroad (Romania, Italy), and wide network of translators gives us global recognition that provides great opportunities for cooperation abroad. Therefore, we can be proud of our expertise that allows us to translate in more than 150 languages.

And of course, we provide complete confidentiality to our customers – the translated documents are solely at their disposal.


Price is determined by the number of words and language combinations.


For each job we choose the most appropriate translator on the basis of his/her knowledge and experience, thus ensuring translation of the highest quality standards. Translations are also edited to – adjust style, grammar and terminology, thus eliminating possible misconceptions.