Voice over services

As the demand for voice-over services continues to grow, Hieroglifs International continues to rise to the challenge and will be here to satisfy your every voice-over need.

What is voice over?

Voice-over is off-camera or off-stage commentary. It is an audio-visual translation technique in which a non-diegetic voice is used in a radio, television, film, theatre, or other presentation.

Our services

We employ native-speaking voiceover actors who have the expertise and experience to produce the message for both international and local needs.

We can provide voiceovers for:

  • radio and TV commercials
  • websites
  • audio books
  • documentaries
  • cartoons/animations
  • voicemail
  • phone systems and holding messages
  • narrator’s commentary, etc.

We can work with most multimedia formats.

Hieroglifs International offers voice over services in a wide variety of languages. We provide both male and female voiceovers. We have the know-how to meet all your requirements.

For more information please contact us at [email protected]