We can take any typing project regardless of the source or format, and you will get it back in the format of your choice. Our typewriters will copy your entire document, including corrections if necessary. The finished document will be an editable Word file, text file, PDF or any other format of your choice.

 What we offer

Examples of different source materials we work on:

  • Letters, diaries or journals;
  • Memoirs;
  • Novels or manuscripts;
  • PDFs, books or other printed documents;
  • Recipes, addresses or contacts.
  • Any other document (agreements, certificates, etc)

The price

The cost will depend on the word count and format of your document; therefore it is hard to provide an estimate without a sample of the source work. However, for a standard double-spaced page of 250 words with standard formatting we charge EUR 2.50, or one eurocent per word. Please send us a sample of your document so that we can provide an estimate for you. We also offer to do a small portion of the job as a sample of our work.