Language courses

We are now offering courses in Latvian, Russian, EnglishSpanish, French, Italian, Swedish and Japanese.

The courses are being tailored to the needs of the client both in terms of content and scheduling. This means that the programme is for everyone, from the new-beginners to the most advanced, at the time that is most suitable for the client.

Depending on the client’s preferences, the courses are available as:

  • A one-to-one programme, adjusted to individual needs;
  • A group programme. Both – on the spot and online. The groups are usually up to 8 participants;
  • Segmented language – improve you terminology in various specific fields;
  • Traveler’s First Aid Kit for holidays or short business trips.

At Hieroglis International, we want great results. Therefore, the lecturers follow up on the progress of the participants, implementing a motivational programme. At the end of the course an examination will take place to ensure the results of the participants and the lecturers as well.

Introduction lesson!!!

Precise schedule will be agreed during the lesson.

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Standard & segmented language courses

Hieroglifs International offer both standart group and individual language courses.

Group course

The groups are usually up to 7 participants. In the group course, the participants have the chance to discuss and exchange thoughts and ideas with the other participants. This can be a valuable learning process where the participant is not only listening to the lecturer, but is also learning from the mistakes and successes of others. The groups are formed on the basis of their language proficiency with the ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Language Assessment’ from the European Council.

Individual course

The advantage of choosing an individual course, is the freedom to choose time, place and field of study. e.g. banking, law, medicine. Business or general speech and writing.  Moreover, the lecturer is fully concentrated on the on one participant and thereby is able to see exactly where the students needs improvements.

“Friends group”

“Hieroglifs International” offers you a unique opportunity to learn a foreign language in company of your friends. Find  friends equally eager to study and get 15% discount for each friend. This offer is ideal for people who want to make the learning process as comfortable and personal as possible. It also means that the teacher will be able to devote more attention to you, and your areas of interest will be discussed in more detail.

Intensive language course

With this intensive language course, companies are able to get 3-4 consecutive days in improving their language skills. The participants have the opportunity fully concentrate on the language without distractions. The attendees are giving lectures and access to professionals for assistance.

This option is perfect for companies that can not find the time to attend regular language courses.

A language can vary a lot among different industries. Whether you are working in banking, engineering, business etc. Hieroglifs International can help improve your abilities to communicate professionally.

At Hieroglifs, the lecturers tailor the programme to the specific needs. We cover different areas such as:

  • marketing
  • business presentations
  • business meetings
  • business correspondence
  • HR management
  • international management

Online Language courses

These language courses are perfect for those who do not have the time or means to attend standard language courses. This saves both time and money to get to our office. You only need a simple and easy-to-understand software that we will help you to install and show around its functions. The software is based on a video conference and a “whiteboard” that any student can use during a lesson as a regular whiteboard in standard language courses. All you need is a webcam.

Prices for group online language courses in EUR per lecture:

  • Latvian – 7
  • English – 7
  • Russian – 7
  • Italian – 10
  • French – 9
  • Spanish – 10
  • German – 12
  • Swedish – 16
  • Japanese – 16
  • Romanian – 10
  • Chinese – 14

*course 20 lessons – 1 lesson 90 minutes

15 % discount with ESN and ISIC card!

For other languages and individual language courses the prices will be sent by e-mail.

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“Traveller’s first aid kit”

Short course of English – for every traveler

Although 360 million people may call English their mother tongue, which places it in the third place in the world after Chinese and Hindi, it may be proud of having the largest number of speakers. It is because in the course of time English has become the most widely used language of communication in the world among people, for whom it is not their mother tongue.

About 2/3 of Europeans may communicate in English at least on a basic level and English is mastered as the first foreign language almost in all European countries. In other words, when you are abroad, knowledge of English will certainly come in handy.

The “Traveler’s first aid kit” is intended for complete beginners, as well as people with preliminary knowledge, who feel insufficiently confident to use their vocabulary in practice.

During the course, you will learn everything, what you need during your travel – most frequently used words and phrases according to different everyday situations, which tourists frequently face:

  • Greeting and acquaintance;
  • Ordering meals and drinks in a restaurant, café, bar;
  • Booking of a hotel room;
  • Shopping in a shop, in the market;
  • Getting correct directions, etc.

We offer different practical tasks and communication games, that will let you feel comfortable into different everyday situations. We will also discuss most frequent mistakes and provide advice how to react in different cicumstances. During the course, you will be able to improve your speaking and listening skills, as well as writing and reading skills.

The studies will be organized on working days in rooms of “Hieroglifs International” Language School in morning and evening groups up to 7 people. Experienced language teachers will teach the courses.

The “Traveller’s first aid kit” will provide you an excellent opportunity to actively use, polish up and not to forget, as well as supplement your previously accumulated knowledge. The course will also improve and enrich your vocabulary of English words and phrases.

Language assessment and preparation for exam

Assessment of the client’s language proficiency

At Hieroglifs International, we offer an assessment of your level of language skills. Both verbally and written.

If you would like to know your language proficiency, Hieroglifs Translations is ready to give you a test. The test is both written and verbal.

In our work to provide language services for our clients, we make use of the ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Language Assessment’ from the European Council.

With this framework, we make an assessment of our clients language proficiency in order to provide them the suitable level of lectures and assignments. And thereby also group clients with others on the same level.

The ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Language Assessment’ divides the levels accordingly:

   A – Basic knowledge:

            A1: Breakthrough

            A2: Waystage

            B – Independent user:

            B1: Threshold

            B2: Vantage

            C – Advanced user:

            C1: Effective Operational Proficiency

            C1: Mastery

Preparation for exam

Hieroglifs International offers a service for students who are preparing for an examination. If you are having trouble learning English and want to ace your examination, the lessons from our lecturers are very valuable.

The lessons cover writing, reading, listening and speaking.


Language course prices

Learn a new language with professional teachers on the spot! The precise time will be set according to the group.

English, Russian and Latvian language courses: the price for the complete course 20 lessons* is 150.00 EUR (AFTERNOON GROUP – till 17:00).

English, Russian and Latvian language courses: the price for the complete course 20 lessons* is 200.00 EUR (EVENING GROUP – starting from 17:00).

Italian, French, Spanish and German language courses: the price for the complete course 20 lessons* is 250.00 EUR.

Swedish language courses: the price for the complete course 20 lessons* is 320.00 EUR.

Japanese language courses: the price for the complete course 20 lessons* is 320.00 EUR.

Intensive language courses:

Russian, Latvian and English language courses – 2 weeks, 20 lessons (every day 2 lessons for 90 minutes each)! Only 150.00 EUR.

Individual language courses:

English, Russian or Latvian language lesson costs 25.00 EUR (60 min).

Spanish or Italian language lesson costs 27.00 EUR (60 min).

Swedish language lesson costs 32.00 EUR (60 min).

Online language courses:

Latvian, English or Russian online language courses: the price for the complete course 20 lessons* is 140.00 EUR (90 min). One lesson costs 7.00 EUR!

Swedish or Japanese online language courses: the price for the complete course 20 lessons* is 320.00 EUR (90 min). One lesson costs 16.00 EUR!

Please apply here for online language courses –

Payment can be divided in three parts. Paying for all lessons at once gives you 5% discount.

* 1 session 60 min for the group up to 3 students, and 90 min for the group of 4 and more students.

Please apply: or call us +37167506189

All prices include VAT.

Special discounts:
– Students with an ISIC card receive a 25 % discount for any language courses for the evening group!
– Holders of a pensioner’s identity card receive a 50 % discount for English language courses for the evening group!

Language course reviews

English language courses – recommended by Edīte Timšāne (Latvia)

”I like the courses very much, the style of teaching, free atmosphere. We are talking a lot what is very important for me” .

Latvian language courses – recommended by Alessandro Marini, Business developer (Italy)

“I chose Hieroglifs school for learning Latvian because – for theirselves declaration – it was not only language to be learned.. and it was absolutely true. The teacher Valters – see in a vintage photo – is a pure Latvian who can involve you in culture and Latvian mind. During the lessons he gives you a lot helpful tips to learning better and to fix subjects in mind, as well as some material for studying at home. The whole class was superb, all of was were in the right attitude so the efficiency was high, and the Hieroglifs staff always ready to make you feel comfortable! Absolutely suggested”.

Latvian language courses – recommended by Peter Hutson (USA)

“I took my first Latvian language course through Hieroglifs Ltd. It was both an enjoyable and rewarding experience and it gave me a good foundation from which to continue my studies. I learned a lot in a very short period of time. The instructor was enthusiastic, friendly, and flexible. The classes were small, so we had very good instructor-student interaction. There was a good balance between practical language skills and grammar. We also learned a bit about Latvian culture and history along the way. There was great benefit in being in a structure classroom environment, and also learning from the other students. I was pleased with my progress, and particularly happy that I was able to join the class online (via Skype) when I was not able to be physically present. I recommend Hieroglifs and Mr. Valters to those seriously interested in learning Latvian”.