The need for effective cross-cultural communication is getting greater with each passing day. One of the ways to overcome language barriers is interpreting.

Hieroglifs International provides interpreting services in different areas such as IT, finance, politics, media, healthcare and more.

We provide two types of interpreting depending on the needs and purpose.

Simultaneous interpreting

By using this method, the translation is provided almost instantly – simultaneously with the original speech, and the flow of translation does not stop. This means that the conversation can be carried out as any other ordinary speech or conversation.

Since this process is very difficult, simultaneous interpreting requires highly skilled interpreters.

Therefore, in order to obtain the best possible result, two interpreters are required to provide the translation. They replace each other every 15-20 minutes.

If possible, interpreters should be introduced to the topic of conversation beforehand, so they can prepare for it.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is carried out during the pauses of the original speech. The length of each translation passage varies. You can choose either translation of single sentences or of longer passages. When translating longer passages, translation depends on the notes taken during the speech.

Interpretation can be done also over the telephone, during online conferences or with the interpreter present at the scene.

Hieroglifs International guarantees complete confidentiality.

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