Braille translation services

Braille translation is a service dedicated for people with weakened eyesight.

At Hieroglifs International we offer Braille translations but due to the fact that is a relative small market, we want inform our customers that a Braille translation might take longer than a regular translation.

Having said that, we are always ready to look into our customers needs and find a suitable solution together.

Who might need Braille translations?

A Braille translation can cover a wide range of needs. Whether it is for a flyer, etiquette, booklet, menu or any other form of text a Braille translation can be useful. Feel free to make an enquiry.

Together with charities, local councils and other foundations, we seek to prevent possible miscommunications.

If you have a special enquiry regarding subject, length or deadline, you are more than welcome to contact us at [email protected] or  (+371) 67506189 (+371) 26014668

We will be glad to assist you.