Internship in Translation


Hieroglifs International, an international translation and interpreting agency, is providing internship for an intern interested in learning all aspects of translation.

During the internship, interns are required to carry out various translation-related tasks (i.e. translation, proofreading, project management, etc.). Interns will work under a supervisor, whose role is to help improve their skills. They will have the opportunity to deal with a wide range of texts of different industries, for example technology, marketing, medicine, finance and many others.

All interns must be native speakers of the language they wish to translate into.
Previous experience in translation is recommended (university translation projects etc.).

Language requirements
In addition to your language combination, good communication and writing skills in English are required.

Internship location
Internship can be done in two ways:

  • At the company office in Latvia
  • Online

Internships are offered for a period of 2 to 6 months. You will be supervised by experienced mentors. Interns receive no remuneration. Travel costs, accommodation, and other living expenses are the sole responsibility of interns or the institutions that sponsor them. Interns are also responsible for making their travel arrangements and obtaining the necessary visa (if applicable).

At the end of the internship, the interns receive:

  • Hieroglifs International certificate of internship
  • Description of the intern by the internship supervisor

If you are interested in getting work experience in a dynamic, international company, please apply by filling in the ONLINE FORM.