Internship at an International Translation Company – Hieroglifs International

Hieroglifs International proudly announces its collaboration with the renowned University of Bologna. Students applying for the Erasmus + Internship programme are now welcome to join our team of professionals to gain first-hand experience working in a fast-growing international translation company.

As an intern at Hieroglifs International, you will be joining our culturally diverse team of students from all across Europe in learning the ropes of the trade by actively participating and taking on various tasks at the office. Interns will benefit from the mentorship of our experienced staff members, who will give step-by-step guidance and helpful advice throughout their stay at Hieroglifs.

Our company offers different intern positions. Interns can choose a position that they find most suitable for their educational background. All interns get assigned responsibilities that allow them to put their knowledge and skills to the test, as well as get acquainted with the workings of their chosen field.

Public relations interns learn how to manage the public image of the company and their clients. They will be put in charge of monitoring all forms of media, writing press releases and other materials, compiling contact lists, creating or updating databases, creating interview preparation materials, among other duties.

Market and sales interns are tasked with developing promotional and sales strategies. Students will perform market research and analysis, competition research, the preparation of advertising materials, analysing customer feedback, as well as other assignments.

Translation interns carry out various translation-related tasks – translation, proofreading, project management, etc. Interns will get the opportunity to improve their translating and language proficiency skills by tackling a wide array of translations in different fields such as technology, marketing, medicine, finance and many others.

Graphic design interns are in charge of preparing high-quality visual promotional material. They will apply their artistic skills in creating posters, flyers, business card designs, advertising layouts, etc. In collaboration with marketing specialists, the graphic designer will learn how to create effective advertising material.

At the end of the internship, interns are issued a certificate of internship from Hieroglifs International. Such an internship period abroad is a great contribution to the student’s career, as hands-on experience is a highly valued asset that will help get a full-time job right after graduation. Hieroglifs International awaits students from the University of Bologna and welcomes them to become part of our team of professionals!