Hieroglifs International takes part in the 4th Eastern Partnership Business Forum in Tallinn

For two days from October 26 to 27 Hieroglifs International participated in the 4th Eastern Partnership Business Forum “Digital Economy: Innovative Platform for Transparent Borderless Business” in Tallinn, Estonia.

The main objective of the EaP Business Forum is to promote cross-border economic relations, transparency, new business opportunities and cooperation between EU and EaP countries, with particular focus on SMEs.

This year representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and EU member states shared their experience on digital economy and innovations: redefining the governance process; transforming everyday life and business in all sectors; creating a basis for a transparent and borderless economy; facilitating economic growth, integration and international trade.

Big thanks to Latvian Small and Medium Enterprises Association who shared this amazing opportunity. The knowledge gained and contacts established there are truly unique.