In the process of increasing a company’s online visibility, online marketing may play a huge role. Once a company has established their platforms for communications online, the next step is to create an audience. Hieroglifs International offers numerous opportunities for attracting visitors-customers.

Our starting point for planning a marketing strategy is the situation of each individual client. In cooperation with our clients we determine what is most suitable according to the clients budget and requirements.

Hieroglifs International can accommodate clients in all stages of their marketing strategy. It may be launching a website for the first time, revising current marketing activities or adding new promotions such as e-mail marketing, link building, etc.

Search engine optimization and Google advertising

Search engines is the perfect place to be visible on, to get in contact with potential customers who are looking for exactly your service or product. And preferably you want be ranked as high as possible.

At Hieroglifs International we are able to provide services such as keyword analysis, content creation and content management. Our content services include articles, newsletters, copywriting and editing. The ultimate goal is to give our clients the best possible listing on search engines like Google and Bing.

Furthermore, we also provide Pay Per Click adwords service, where we take care of account setup, create campaigns aimed at your audience, production of marketing material and more. In order to increase to the conversion rate of the increased number of visitors, Hieroglifs International also creates an enticing landing page, where the necessary information is for the customer to take action.

Finally, we want to ensure full transparency of the budget and the results of the campaign. Our clients will receive a report on the marketing activities and analytics so the client can see the specific results. With the analysis and report, our clients will get to know more about where their visitors are located, what they click through on the website and more.

Launching an e-mail marketing campaign

At Hieroglifs International, we have experienced professionals to help you launch an effective email marketing campaign. The use of e-mail marketing is very inexpensive and can be very effective.

Contrary to what many people might think, an e-mail marketing campaign is much more than just writing an e-mail and sending it.

A thoroughly planned e-mail campaign includes an attractive template design, landing page design, content. The marketing campaign is tailored to target just the right segment that you wish to target.

Finally the e-mail campaign is being followed up with analytics and reporting. Here you will see how many times the e-mail has been read, the click-through rate and what material the readers find most interesting.

Social media marketing

One of the best ways to stay close connected to your customers is the use of social media. Because on social media potential customers are active and log in daily or weekly. The media varies from professional networks like Linkedin to private  networks like Facebook and Youtube.

With our social media professionals, our clients get a complete social media strategy, customized social media presence, targeted ads.

We also make sure that the social media strategy is in alignment with our client’s current overall marketing strategy. Like with other online marketing promotions, the social media marketing is being monitored to see the progress and the results of the campaign.

Website localization services

For a company operating across cultures, a localized website might be the final step for attracting more customers abroad. A localized website is customized to target different segments, nations, regions etc.

And it is not only about translating the website, but also creating the relevant content and layout.

In order to the provide the best localized engineering we are always up to date with regard to technology,  Our professionals are experienced with web based applications and formats like .asp .html .dhtm .php.

With the localization service from Hieroglifs International, an analysis is made to determine to what extend a website needs to localized. On the basis of the analysis:

The content may need to be translated. Not only to a different language, but also re-written in the same language to be more relevant to an other segment. This also includes the choice of images and symbols. I.E. A funny ad in one country, may be offensive in an other. Or websites will need different currencies for different markets.

The website may need to be restructured depending on what features, news, products etc. is most suitable for the target group.

At Hierolifs International, we always make sure that our services live up to the highest standards and there we provide two kinds of testing of our localization service. Functional testing is to ensure that the localized version is fully functional with links, etc. Language testing is made to make sure the translation is in accordance with the context and terminology.