As with many other aspects of a business, an online presence is about presenting your products/services the best way possible. A website along with other channels of communication is an important step in building an online presence.

The importance of a good website design is vital in order to leave your clients with a positive first impression of the company. Website design is not a “one size fits all” solution. At Hieroglifs International we take a close look at our clients’ needs and what they want to present on their website. Together we work on a design which will bring forth what they stand for in a way that is aimed at our clients’ target group.

It does not matter whether a professional website design for corporate use or a personal blog is needed. Hieroglifs International offers experienced professionals who will find the right solution for your website.

Website design services

In our process of creating a great website design, we first discuss the project with our customers. After we have come to an agreement of what is expected, we then create a draft which the customer can approve or reject. During the process of creation of the website design, the client and Hieroglifs International will continually be in contact to make sure that both are on the same page. The design is considered to be finished only when the customer is fully satisfied. After we have created a website design which the client approves, the website undergoes the functionality test (to make sure the links are correct etc.)

In case the customer comes across any problems, we have a team ready for assistance. The support is available over phone or e-mail to give you the quickest assistance possible. With this service, you do not have to spend your time on issues which can be easily solved by our team.

No matter how great the design is, the website is only as good as its content. We therefore offer our customers to keep the website updated. This means that our customers can fully focus on the material they want to see online and they do not have to worry about updating the information.

Blog design services

A blog website is a cheaper alternative to a fully professional website design for corporate use. With this option you will not have to worry about the technical aspects of setting up a website, such as hosting, and you will also have the opportunity to get a customized solution that fits your needs. This includes on site SEO, RSS/e-mail subscriptions, personalized theme and more. With this solution, the blog website will be up and running within a day.

As new technological opportunities arise, website may need to be updated every now and then. We want to offer our customers a website that is closer to the visitors. When a website is regularly updated, it is more interesting for customers to keep visiting.

With the Hieroglifs International maintenance service the website will be updated with new features and our clients will not have to worry about unexpected shutdowns, hackers, backups, upgrades and a lot of other things. This also includes non-visible details such as coding. The way a website is coded may affect how fast Google indexes the website and how long it takes for the website to load.

We understand the importance of keeping the down-time periods as short as possible, especially in case of a webshop. Every minute can be a matter of a customer lost or gained. Therefore we are fully dedicated to keep the down-time periods to an absolute minimum.

And with this service, our customers are guaranteed a maximum 24 hours response time.

Landing page

As websites are launching ad campaigns, the need for a great landing page is very important in order to increase the conversion rate. A good landing page should make it easy for the visitors to find contact information, shopping cart or whatever their target is. The result of a good landing page may also indicate what could be done differently on the website – changing the menu, header etc.

A landing page can be made in a variety of ways to see which type of landing page brings the best results. With this method it is necessary to be able to track the visitors to see which landing page is the most effective.

The marketing professionals at Hieroglifs International are fully focused on bringing the best results making the most of our client’s marketing budget. This means maximum exposure, getting as much people interested as possible and the highest conversion rates.

Graphic design

Every company aims to give the best service and produce the best products to their abilities, but in order for new customers to be aware of the quality a presentation of the company’s quality is important.

In order to present a great brand, the company’s visual image has to be consistent across all channels of communication, both online and offline.

Hieroglifs International graphic services include presentation of a company’s brand in form of:

  •  Flyers;
  •   Contact cards;
  •   Magazines;
  •   Ads;
  •   Etiquettes;
  •   Brochures;
  •   Banners;
  •   HTML email signatures  and more.

With a consistent visual image, a company signals trustworthiness, professionalism and leaves a great first impression. This can be applicable at trade-shows, annual meetings, contacting potential customers and more.